Website redesigns demand a lot from users: What was known and worked is suddenly completely different. The designers’ task is to minimize user frustrations after a relaunch. Website visitors should be motivated to use the new user interface and get to know its advantages.

According to Girish Rawat, a UX researcher from San Francisco, micro conversions are a help:

What is a Micro Conversion?

Micro Conversions are the actions that lead the user to the larger goal, the Macro Conversions.

Examples for microversions:

    • the number of users using the search feature
    • the number of users who update their profile pictures
    • the number of users confirming their phone number

The Micro Conversion is a milestone in the conversion funnel.

Girish Rawat recommends that you take a close look at them after a relaunch or redesign:

  • See a break-in in a particular micro-conversion metric?
  • Can’t users add their buddies because the new search bar is hard to find?
  • Was your call to register for the free trial hidden behind a new layout?

Girish Rawat:
“The definition of precise microconversion targets and their tracking helps you evaluate friction points on the user journey of your redesigned platform.”

Relaunches and redesigns should be progressive and tolerable

Websites and apps that do not evolve will be overtaken by the competition. That’s why relaunches and redesigns are necessary.
Slight and progressive changes that can be easily adopted by users make a redesign bearable.

Relaunches and redesigns should not include everything that is possible – less can be more

Sometimes it may be necessary to dispense with animations, gestures or navigation structures that may look better, and instead use simpler alternatives that the user is already familiar with.

The Relaunches and Redesign Learnings:

  1. The most effective redesigns are usually not the most beautiful.
  2. Redesign is not a process of beautifying things.
  3. The blind pursuit of design trends without any strategy or research to substantiate them leads to unfavorable results.
  4. The tracking of micro conversions is a great help in assessing the quality of a relaunch or redesign.

Source: Why most redesigns fail – A case study on big name redesign fails and what you can learn from them

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