An email marketing manager can only be successful on the basis of comprehensive knowledge and specific skills. The job is responsible: sending news and offers by newsletter opens up higher conversion rates for companies than most social media strategies and other forms of advertising.

Email marketing is an interdisciplinary field: Email editors (text, images, graphics), campaign managers (e.g. marketing automation) and product owners (e.g. strategy) must work hand in hand. In addition, e-mail marketing is a field full of traps. A lot can go wrong if the qualification of the responsible employee or the skills in the agency responsible for sending the e-mail are not sufficient.

The e-mail focus group of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. has therefore compiled the most important skills of an e-mail marketing manager:

The most important abilities in E-Mail marketing are at present:

1st field of competence in E-Mail marketing: analysis + conception

An email marketing manager must derive and optimize relationships from figures. He must think long-term and strategically as well as take current market developments into account.

2nd field of competence in e-mail marketing: technology

The handling of e-mail dispatch systems can quickly become complicated. A basic technical understanding of marketing automation, CRM systems, HTML and CSS is essential. In addition, there are no longer just simple mailing systems, but also extensive marketing clouds that are linked and interact with other platforms. Technical understanding in particular has become much more important than in recent years. The question of how e-mail interacts with other channels such as programmatic advertising or messengers is crucial. Apps, social, website or shop: All channels must be considered.

3rd Field of competence in e-mail marketing: the law

When may an e-mail be sent to whom, when not? When must data be deleted? What form of consent must be obtained when subscribing to a newsletter? What if the recipient of a newsletter requests information about the origin and extent of his stored personal data?

4th field of competence in e-mail marketing: creativity and text security

Editorial skills and empathy are in demand. What does the target group want, what information has to catch their eye? It is no longer just sales that count, companies also have to score on the content level.

Outlook: The most important skills in email marketing for the near/mid-term future

Romain Vallé (United Internet Media), Vice Chairman of the BVDW Email Focus Group

Romain Vallé (United Internet Media), Vice Chairman of the BVDW Email Focus Group

“In the future, everything related to data and data structuring will play a greater role,” says Romain Vallé (United Internet Media), vice-chair of the BVDW’s email focus group. “Knowledge of programmatic advertising is becoming more important. The right use of real-time mechanisms and contextual, i.e. the use of live data such as weather, will be crucial.” The perfect e-mail marketing manager of the future will also know his way around: Voice applications, artificial intelligence, messengers and is a networking specialist, according to the forecast of the experts in the BVDW’s e-mail focus group.

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