Is there a marketing manager who manages your IT team?

This question is posed by author Seth Godin, blogger and member of American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame (photo of Joi ItoSeth Godin, CC BY 2.0, Link), today on his blog, and this question is actually pretty good. We ourselves have been tireless for years in emphasizing the importance of interdepartmental cooperation in any form of digital strategy, be it in strategy definition or in joint training sessions.

The digital strategy process offers opportunities for those responsible for marketing or PR, and sometimes also for press spokespersons. But the strategy process can only be used ideally if interdisciplinary boundaries are overcome. Common standards and goals facilitate cooperation between PR, marketing, HR and other departments – such as IT.

Seth Godin’s argumentation: That marketing has an influence on IT is important because the IT team interacts with customers. Customers are often dismissed as “users” – or ignored, according to his thesis.

Seth Godin also mentions examples of the need for IT and marketing to be interlinked.

For example, one bank decided that two-factor authentication would become even more secure if a seventh and eighth digit were added to the two-factor authentication system.

There is also a lot to be improved in the area of human resources, for example on applicant websites.

In summary, Godin states:

Marketing used to be advertising. Now, marketing is everything you do

That’s exactly why more marketing thinking is needed in IT.

This also fits quite well with the misstep of the German comdirect Bank on 26 November 2018, which gave its customers very absurd advice following a security warning in the banking app – which looked like a man-in-the-middle attack:

Screenshot Tweet comdirect bank on Twitter with the text: “You are using the banking app and receive the following error message when opening the app? don’t worry! This is a known bug. By the way: Despite the error message you can use the banking app as usual. /MU”


comdirect bank's tweet shows that interdisciplinary coordination between IT and marketing is necessary