The fact that Divi currently uses an h1 instead of an h2 or even an h3 for the comments makes no sense from my point of view. If you look at the code of the comments.php file responsible for the output in the “Twentyseventeen” theme, which is activated by default in new WordPress installations, you can see that an h2 is used there.

In Divi’s comments.php an h1 is used. I have just seen this in a newly downloaded Divi file.

The problem can be solved quickly by including the Divi file comments.php in the Child Theme. I assume here that a Child Theme is activated.

If this is the case, you can download the comments.php from the Divi theme root path, replace h1 twice with h2 in the code from line 13 and upload the modified file to the main folder of the Divi Child Theme.

Then delete the caches and do a hard reload with your browser. Finally right click on the heading and click on “Examine element”. Alternatively, you can also simply display the complete source code of the corresponding post. Then use STRG F or CTRL F to search for h1 or h2 to verify that an h2 is output instead of an h1 as desired.

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