A head term, otherwise known as a head keyword, is a popular keyword that drives high search volume. Head terms are very competitive when it comes to ranking, and they are the opposite of long-tail keywords.

What does and doesn’t rank has changed

Tom Capper, an analytics specialist, gives some brilliant insights in a posting on distilled.net, stating that his mental model for what does and doesn’t rank has changed. He states that links are less relevant in the top 5 positions. A mini ranking factor study he performed showed this. Tom also examined Domain Authority vs Rankings.

Search Engine Result Pages change when they become High Volume

Tom also found out that search engine result pages change when they become high volume. Seasonal keywords provide, in some ways, the control that we lack in typical ranking factor studies, because they’re keywords that become head terms for certain times of the year.

The two main takeaways are both connected to users’ behavior:

  • The speed with which users interacted with the SERP
  • The rate at which they quickly bounced back to the search results .

Classical SEO is still important,

but there are more things to consider now. More Details in Tom’s post.