A really entertaining resource is this beauftifully designed microsite with a matrix of “difficult people on software projects” and how to deal with them. We all know these people. Meet them (virtually, of course) and get some helpful hints on how to better understand them and communicate with them.

Matrix: How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects

Matrix: How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects

Each type of person has his or her small icon, represented by an animal. When you click it, you will be directed to a more detailed profile. You will learn what the problem of this person’s behavior in a project can look like and which possible solutions are available.

We think that this is not only a helpful resource when it comes to software projects. You can use this difficult people matrix in many other situations of your daily professional and personal life. In basic, it provides some helpful inspiration which enables you to see your co-workers’ behavior through different eyes. You know: It is all about empathy.

But go and take a look yourself, get to know people like:

  • The Dictator – A Product Manager that rejects any idea that did not come from them.
  • The Executive Assistant – A Product Manager who only documents what the stakeholders have asked for, but denies access to the stakeholders, such that requirements cannot be negotiated.
  • The Napkin Sketche – A Product Manager whose requirements are so vague that the development team must fill in the gaps, only to be told their decisions were incorrect.
  • The Note Taker – A Designer who is relegated to doing nothing more than documenting the ideas of others.
  • The Meeting Scheduler – A Project Manager who believes all project problems are caused through a lack of communication and coordination, and that copious amounts of meetings are the solution.

… and many more.

Source: How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects