Lawyer and internet expert Dr. Carsten Ulbricht has some legal information about the use of messaging apps for marketing purposes, especially in the E.U. andn German market with its tight data protection rules (GDPR). In an interesting interview led by the messengerpeople team, he gives insights about data protection, customer service, and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Dr. Carsten Ulbricht is a practicing lawyer at the firm Bartsch Rechtsanwälte in Stuttgart, Germany, and has been active in internet/social media law for years. He additionally maintains the blog and in the past years has focused heavily on the GDPR. He has helped various companies implement the measures outlined in the GDPR, and specifically in regards to WhatsApp and data protection.

  1. Are messaging apps like WhatsApp generally more critical than other digital channels such as social media or e-mail?
  2. May a company communicate with my customers via WhatsApp?
  3. Which GDPR rules are relevant for messenger communication?
  4. What about sensitive personal data such as bank information, health information, etc.?

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